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Skechers Shape Up Shoes - How to Decide If You Should Buy Them o

Skechers, the shoe company, makes some very nice casual and athletic shoes that range from sandals all the way to boots. They also now make Skechers Shape up Shoes, the shoe that is supposed to help you tone the lower half of your body without any real effort at all. You put them on and go about your daily activities and you are supposed to be targeting the muscles of your butt and your legs, from your thighs all the way to your calves. But, do they work, do they feel good and do they look alright if you pop them on for a trip to the grocery store?

First of all, the Skechers Shape Up Shoes come in several different styles, including a new version for men. The most common and easily found style looks like your average fitness shoe with a slightly built up sole area. They are comfortable to wear and you size them like you would any of the other Sketcher brand shoes. The difference is how you actually walk in them.

There is a brochure and a DVD that explains how you walk which is more of a gentle rocking motion than most of us are used to and might take a little bit of practice. Basically, to get the most out of your Skechers Shape up Shoes, you plant your heel down first and then rock forward, coming all the way down to the toes and then repeat with the second foot. Once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite naturally and the shoes are so comfortable to wear that you might forget that you are wearing toning shoes at all.

The brochure that comes with the Skechers Shape Up Shoes warns against wearing them for extended periods of time when you first get them because they can make the lower body muscles feel sore if you do so. The basic premise is simple: the built up soles changes your center of gravity so that you have to work harder to keep your balance and stability. The rocking motion that you take to walk works more of your muscle groups as you walk around or do housework or whatever you want.

But, do the Skechers Shape Up Shoes look okay to wear for shopping trips or other times you would wear a casual shoe? They are attractively designed and come in different colors so, yes they do look pretty good with jeans. If a pair of shoes will help you get up off the couch and move around, they are good for you. If they feel good on your feet and make you want to wear them practically every day, then even better.

Like other shoes, you should rotate the pair that you wear, giving each pair the day to rest and breathe between each wearing. You can wear Skechers Shape Up Shoes on one day and another pair of shoes on other days trying to keep up the healthy habits that you got started while wearing the shape up shoes.