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How To Use Photoshop To Fix Red Eye

This is a problem that occurs ever too often. You?ve taken some great shots of your new baby and want to show them off, but the red eye on them disappoints you greatly. Something from a scary movie your precious child looks like a demon .This problem is often called ?red eye?. The flash reflects off of the retina at the rear of the eye, causing red eye.

Low light causes the eye?s iris to grow, providing for more area that could become red in photos. The flash, unfortunately, is required mostly during low light conditions.

Thanks to the emergence of digital pictures, red eye is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Digicams don?t need the same internal mechanics or space for film as do their counterparts, meaning they can continue to shrink in size. It implies that the flash and the lens are pretty close to each most new point-and-shoot digicams, the flash sits right over the lens.

Here?s the issue. A flash which is closer to the lens enters the iris directly and reflects straight back, causing red eye. Most digicams have a built-in feature, causing a flash immediately before exposure, which is designed to reduce red eye.

This makes the iris shrink for the actual image. Sadly, this function almost never completely removes red eye from pictures. Most point-and-shoot digicams don?t have a method allowing the photographer to add a second flash; as a result, red eye has to be fixed after the fact.

Are you worried about Photoshop being too complicated that would not prove to be easy to master? Do not be. Adobe Photoshop is so simple to master that a person with zero experience could easily learn to fix red eye in very little time. This is where Photoshop grows useful. With Photoshop, even the worst case of red eye can be corrected .