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Download And Watch Hannah Montana The Movie

I am sure you are among the millions of folks who are waiting to watch and perhaps download Hannah Montana: The Movie. In fact, right now, there are thousands of searches each day on Google, Yahoo and MSN for ?Hannah Montana?, ?Hannah Montana: The Movie?.

So what can you expect from Hannah Montana: The Movie?

The entire movie can be summarized into one simple statement. She has the best of both worlds, but now she can only pick one. Once you have watched the movie, you will know that this tagline is correct.

As a Walt Disney production, this movie was completed in July 2008 and will hit the theaters soon on 10 April 2009. While it is cool to watch the movie in the cinemas, you also have the convenience and comfort to download Hannah Montana: The Movie now.

Synopsis of the movie

The story begins with Miley Stewart (actress Miley Cyrus) playing Hannah Montana. Overwhelmed by Hannah Montana?s popularity, it seems that the young girl has lost herself in her alter-ego. Concerned dad, Robby decided it was time for Miley to return to her hometown Crowley Corners for some quiet time and to set her life priorities right.

We see Miley returning home quite unwillingly but her experience back home became easier with the company of friends such as Lilly, Oliver and Travis. While she still ?hated? the farm stay, friends and family still made the trip home worthwhile. Needless to say, the story has its twists and funny corners. You will also see Oswald, a reporter, the protagonist in the show out to destroy Miley?s alter-ego image.

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