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Converse Jack Purcell

You have all probably heard of the Converse brand. We are talking about the sneaker choice of many young people throughout the world (and those who feel that way). Nothing can be compared to the comfort you feel when wearing any Converse model. Here, we are going to be talking about one of the most renowned lines of Converse sneakers. We are talking about Converse Jack Purcell sportswear. If you are a lover of Converse sneakers, it is positive that you already have a pair or two from this line in your closet. If, however, by some reason, you are not really familiar with what this line offers, we will give you a short introduction to what you get by owning a pair of Purcell sportswear.

The whole story of Jack Purcell sportswear began in the mid 30s of the previous century when the famous badminton player John Edward "Jack" Purcell opened the line of sportswear made of canvas and rubbers for the B.F. Goodrich Company. Nevertheless, some forty years later, in 1970, seeing the success of this line, Converse, the sportswear magnate bought the trademark rights and since that moment onwards Converse Jack Purcell is a part of the big family.

Even though there are new models from this line, the older Converse Jack P. models are also very sought after, mostly because of their vintage fashion, and of course for athletic purposes.

Now, enough history, and let us start with what is the latest and greatest in the Converse sportswear line. In spring of 2010, Converse Purcell released a new collection so called, Converse Jack Purcell Boat. It is a set of sneakers that come in three patterns: white, navy and orange/green/navy. The pieces from this collection come in white sole and uppers made of canvas. This collection has certainly fulfilled the expectations to reach even greater popularity than the checkered sneakers from the previous collection and it certainly is the perfect choice for everyone who has a passion for sports and good-looking and high-quality made sportswear.

What is even newer is that this fall, Jack Purcell celebrates 75 years of successful existence and manufacturing of the favorite pieces of sportswear of many sport enthusiasts. To celebrate the anniversary in the most memorable way, Converse releases the original Johnny shoe that incorporates the techniques and design of the first models also offering the Jack Purcell standard models in brogue and garment dyed designs. What all these have in common is the easily recognizable smiling toe that is iconic since Converse Jack Purcell shoes come to question, then you have the comfortable foot beds that will make your everyday sport activities a pleasure, and of course, the premium lining characteristic only for these models.

To celebrate the Jack Purcell Anniversary in a more special way, there has also been a Pop-up Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York from the 2nd to the 19th of September.