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Buy Burberry Brit Perfume

Burbuerry makes Burberry Brit for Women eau de parfum and you can find it offline in many retailers as well as in a number of online perfume stores. Do beware of knockoff Burberry Brit. Yes, you can save money buying a similarly smelling fragrance but knockoff generally lacks the same quality and doesn't last nearly as long.

Perfume blends with body chemistry. Not every person will enjoy every scent on them. Beyond personal preference, there are chemical reactions, so to speak. You might find a scent overpowering or you might find it amazingly alluring. Start off with a small dab on your wrist and smell it over the course of a few hours to get a true sense of what you think. Ask your significant other (if applicable) what they think as well.

When Should You Wear Burberry Brit?

Some scents are marketed for anytime. Some are more suitable during the day and some scents make more of an impact at night. Some fragrances are seasonal as well. You might find florals that speak of spring, cool scents for summer, and warm and spicy scents that suit fall and / or winter better. Reviewers of perfumes have a wide response on when they wear this scent so it seems like a year round scent.

Burberry Brit

This fragrance is created in 2003 by Nathalie Cracia-Getto. It is a popular scent, especially among youthful women who like fruity scents. It's also popular among more mature women as well. It's often noted as youthful and yet sophisticated.

About the Scent

This Burberry line of perfume contains many elements, such as lime, almond, vanilla, pear, amber, tonka and vanilla beans. Most say it has a sweet, musky, and sugary scent.

About the Design

The box has the recognisable Burberry check design in pink. The jar has the same check imprint. It's a square bottle with a square lid.

About the Company

Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. He was the one who invented gabardine. The company has several divisions and is well known for beauty and fragrance products.

Buy Burberry Brit Online

When buying Burberry products online, you'll find a number of options for fragrances, including: Baby Touch, Burberry Men, Burberry London for Men, The Beat (for men), Burberry Brit for Men or for Women, Burberry Touch or Sport or Weekend for Men, Burberry Brit Sheer, Touch for Women, London Special Edition, and Burberry Weekend for Women.