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10 Reasons To Spend More Time Outdoors

Do you spend too much time cooped up in front of the TV? Maybe it's time to get out and explore the great outdoors.

1. Is the stress of everyday working life starting to have an impact on your morale? If so, why not escape the confines of the city and visit the countryside for a slower pace.

2. Do you long for fresher air? City life brings with it many benefits, but it also brings more pollution and traffic. The countryside offers fresh, clean air that'll make you feel brighter.

3. Do you long for peace and quiet? Cities and towns, by their nature, are very noisy, so if that's getting too much and you need to clear your head, where better than the great outdoors?

4. Do you love wildlife? If so, you'll find the rural areas to your liking, with both animals and nature in rich supply.

5. Are you tired of commuting every day? If you like the idea of taking some time out from trains and roads to sample a simpler life, the outdoors has it all.

6. Would you like a friendlier existence? Cities can be fairly lonely places, even if you are surrounded by people. In country towns and villages, however, you'll find everyone's ready with a welcoming greeting.

7. Are you a budding photographer? If so, you'll find plenty of inspiration with the scenery and wildlife offering up amazing images.

8. Do you want to show your children a greener world? If your little ones have grown up in a suburban or city world, they may not have fully experienced the great outdoors first hand. They'll love going for walks, riding their bikes and even playing sports.

9. Are you a rambler at heart? The countryside is full of mazy walks, hills and climbs to let you explore on foot. What's more, it's perfect for clearing your mind.

10. Have you always been tempted to give fishing or shooting a try, but never got round to it? Well now is the time to give it a go. You'll need the right clothing and equipment, but once you do, you'll be hooked.

If you are ready to give those sports a go, why not browse fishing bags, rods, reels and other fishing equipment today? Likewise, if you need shooting clothing start drawing up a list of what you need.